Just Pick Me
A guide by Martin Fisher
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Now Pick Me -- A practical guide for being picked for the job you want Buy Now! -- Only $9.95

Helping you discover your perfect path.

When you go to you local supermarket, and you are faced with rows and rows of similar products on the shelves, how do you decide which one is the one for you.

In all likelihood you choose the product you do because you feel it meets you needs or style, whether that is; a feature of the product that you particularly like, the look of the product, a recommendation for the product or its price.

Now you imagine you are the interviewer for the next position you interview for. How do you think they manage to choose one candidate for the position from the many, likely well qualified job seekers they interview.

This book will;

  • Take you through what Positioning is and how it helps sell,
  • Help you identify, from all your strengths, your Positioning,
  • Reviews how you should approach the interviewing company and plan your key messages,
  • Walks you through how to approach the interview process and improve your chances of being picked for the job.