Just Pick Me - Martin Fisher
A guide by Martin Fisher
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Martin has had numerous roles in sales and marketing through which he has seen the
power of positioning.

Following over 20 years in the healthcare industry and the completion of his MBA, Martin partnered to establish Bescot Healthcare Canada Inc. (www.bescothealth.com) to launch numerous healthcare devices and diagnostics into the Canadian market.

Martin also continues to deliver interactive and entertaining presentations on positioning and its role in successful sales, self-positioning, getting picked for the job you want, as well as facilitating corporate strategy sessions to create actionable business plans.
To Book Martin to speak at your event, to facilitate a workshop on "Positioning" or "Strategy and How to Make it Happen", please email Martin at martin@nowpickme.com.

Feedback from Self-Branding Workshops;

Regarding Key Learnings:
  • "Focus more on my positioning to both employers and other contacts I may come across in my day to day search"
  • "Simplify, be memorable"
  • "Think about what employer wants..."
  • "I was trying to tell too much about myself in many different areas but I can only be top of ladder in one ladder"
  • "Opened my mind on how I could change the way I present myself"
Regarding How ideas will be applied?
  • "Incorporate positioning statement into interview strategy"
  • "Put more focus on uniqueness of myself in preparing my resume"
  • "Create a good positioning statement"
  • "Repeat my positioning statement in interviews, resume and 30 second commercial"
  • "Focus on my energy level when speaking to others"
  • "I am going to start living this"

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