Just Pick Me - The Daruma Doll
A guide by Martin Fisher
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The characters on the cover of this book are called darumas.

Originating from Japan, these characters are purchased with two white circles where the eyes should be. When you set yourself a goal you colour one eye in. Now put the one-eyed daruma were it can watch you. Daruma looks incomplete as he stares at you with his one eye.

Daruma is reminding you that you have work to do to complete your project or achieve your goal. In your case, perhaps the one eyed daruma is reminding you that your goal is to get the job you want, and the work you have to do to get ready to achieve this goal is to purchase “Now Pick Me”, and to read and actively participate in the book.

Once you have achieved your goal you are able to fill in the other eye of your daruma completing his gaze. Daruma is complete.. friendly with two eyes, compared to making you feel uneasy with one.

At the end of "Now Pick Me" you will be able to fill in the second eye of your own personal daruma. You will be more confident going into your next interview because you have achieved your set goal of optimal job interview preparation, and you will be prepared to be the one picked for that job.

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